Mayflower passengers with royal ancestry

Figuring out whether you're a descendant of a Pilgrim is now just a mouse click away. A months-long effort to digitize and index the authenticated genealogies of passengers aboard the Mayflower has been completed and is available online, the New England Historic Genealogical Society announced Wednesday. The society's Pilgrim database project launched last year with the cooperation of the General Society of Mayflower Descendants includesbirth, baptism, marriage, death and burial records through five generations of 50 of the 51 Pilgrims known to have descendants.

The above painting from circa by Bernard Gribble shows the Pilgrim Fathers boarding the 'Mayflower' for their voyage to America. Ship's carpenter and American colonist John Alden is seen left with his wife Priscillia at the Plymouth Colony in Massachusetts sometime around Miles Standish left was an English soldier and colonist who accompanied the pilgrims to America on the Mayflower in and became the military leader of Plymouth Colony.

Edward Winslow right was a Separatist who also sailed on the Mayflower. The Mayflower was a three-masted ship, most likely between 90 and feet long, that carried the people who came to be known a Pilgrims from England to Plymouth in The ship was hired in London, and sailed from London to Southampton in July to begin loading food and supplies for the voyage--much of which was purchased at Southampton.

The two ships sailed on 15 August but returned because of the leaky condition of the Speedwell. The Speedwell was eventually abandoned, and on 16 September, passengers and crew aboard the Mayflower finally sailed from England.

The Mayflower followed the land-exploring party and sailed into Plymouth, Massachusetts, harbor on 26 December, where it remained until houses could be built for the new settlement. Source: Encyclopedia. The database includes authenticated information on more than 7, families, or more than 59, people, descended from the small band of Mayflower passengers who survived the first brutal winter in their new home in Plymouth, Massachusetts, including John Alden, William Bradford and Myles Standish.

Interest in Pilgrim genealogy is surging with the th anniversary of the Mayflower's arrival in the New World fast approaching. There are an estimated 10 million living Americans and as many as 35 million people worldwide who descended from the Pilgrims, according to the General Society of Mayflower Descendants.

Anyone who can link their roots to the organization's detailed records is eligible for membership. The records are 'making it easier than ever to learn whether an individual is descended from one who planted the first permanent settlement of New England in Plymouth Colony and ultimately laid the foundation for America,' said D. Brenton Simons, president and CEO of the genealogical society. The genealogical society, established in and a leading national resource for genealogists and family historians, is offering a three-month membership at its website, americanancestors.

mayflower passengers with royal ancestry

Alden was a crew member who sailed aboard the Mayflower all the way to Plymouth Colony. He was initially hired as the ship's cooper, whose job it was to maintain barrels. Monroe died of a drug overdose in She was just 36 years old. Hollywood is well represented on the list of descendants.

Bogart was another acting legend who is best known for his work on classic s hits like Casablanca, The Big Sleep, and The Maltese Falcon. His acting career spanned three decades and included more than 75 feature films.

Was one of your ancestors on the Mayflower? You can find out now

During a film career of almost 30 years, Bogart appeared in more than 75 feature films. He was nominated for three Academy Awards for best actor.Begin entering your own family tree to increase your odds of finding a connection, try to enter at least 18 names. Scroll to the Relationship Calculator; choose How is this person [select yourself] Related to this person [select Search by Name and enter the name of the passenger you're looking for].

Our database will churn through hundreds of millions of names and outline the relationship if it exists. So much has been written about the passengers on the Mayflower and their descendants that it is difficult to summarize the findings of others. The Mayflowerapparently one of several by that name, landed in what was to become Plymouth, Massachusetts, in November with one hundred and two passengers and a crew of about 25 on board - families, single people and servants one of whom remains unnamed.

Crew members had signed a contract that bound them to stay in America with the passengers for one year. There were one or two deaths and one birth on board while they were crossing the Atlantic from Southampton, England.

Within a year of landing, half of them had died. The Mayflower was originally destined to land at the mouth of the Hudson River then known as Northern Virginia but was blown off course by winter winds.

Passengers and crew spent that first winter on board ship, moving onto shore in March About half of the passengers were English Separatists or Pilgrims, who were searching for religious freedom.

mayflower passengers with royal ancestry

William Bradford, a leading force among the passengers and the first governor of Massachusetts, left the most detailed account of the voyage and early settlement. In May the Mayflower returned to England with a skeleton crew. At Thanksgiving every year, we commemorate the survival of these Pilgrims during their first year in America.

We watch television shows about the love story of John Alden the ship's cooper who joined the settlers and Priscilla Mullins who came with her parents and brotheryet they were not the only couple to marry and have a family.

Many of the passengers came in family groups and others married after arriving. In fact, according to the web site www. Numerous branches of the Mayflower Society and the Society of Mayflower Descendants have been established in nearly every state in the Union, and many web sites have been set up from which you can learn about Mayflower descendants.

For example, the web site www. No fewer than eight American presidents, and many other famous Americans, can claim to be a Mayflower descendant. Volumes of family histories have been written about all of the Mayflower passengers who survived and procreated. Lee Library of Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, as well, no doubt, as in many other public, university and research libraries.

Who knows - there may be many descendants living throughout the world by now! Some families have legends that their ancestors came on the Mayflower ; others have proven it through documentation of original records. Many other Americans do not realize that they are descended from the Pilgrims, as all the survivors came to be known regardless of their reasons for sailing to America.

While not necessarily an easy task, it is usually possible for a trained researcher to trace a line backwards through time to the earliest New England settlers, or follow the Mayflower descendant lines forward to our time through the family histories of the settlers that have been written. An interesting aspect of the interest and respect given to this time period and group of people is the creation of a living village called "Plimoth Plantation", which represents Plymouth colony in Their web site is www.

The Mayflower Descendant, a periodical which was in abeyance for many years but now recently recommenced, is available in periodical form as well as a CD. So, if your family history has not yet been traced back to the very first settlers in New England, you may want to do some research and find out if you are descended from the Mayflower settlers.

Genealogical data at OneGreatFamily is contributed by its users from all over the world. Although OneGreatFamily has created technology to help its users qualify and correct data that has been submitted, the accuracy of the data is the responsibility of the users of OneGreatFamily as a whole.

OneGreatFamily does not guarantee or warrant the accuracy of the data that has been submitted. Sarah Eaton, Samuel Ely, Mr. Alice Mullins, Priscilla Mullins, William Priest, Degory Prower, Solomon Rigsdale, Alice - Rigsdale, John - Rogers, Joseph Rogers, Thomas Samson, Henry Soule, George Standish, Mrs. Click to view the individual's tree in GenealogyBrowser tm.

Mayflower Descendants So much has been written about the passengers on the Mayflower and their descendants that it is difficult to summarize the findings of others.

Passenger Name.This appears to be false. Then we have the question of William Mullins' parents. There is no proof that William Mullins, of Dorking, co. And then detach the mythical parents of John Mullins of Dorking. Jillaine, it appears that further research has been done on this family since Anderson's GMB. That record states that he was then residing in the Chippingborough district of Dorking.

Surrey, where it is believed he was living at that time, and returning to Dorking about Sure wish Caleb Johnson would cite his sources. What is the source for the identity of William's parents? But here's what Caleb Johnson says about William Mullins:. William Mullins, his wife Alice, and their children Priscilla and Joseph. William Mullins was born about in Dorking, co. William Mullins is first named in a Dorking record on 4 Ocoberwhen he was fined two pence, apparently for not attending the manorial court session of that year.

William Mullins then disappears from Dorking reords until I have theoriezed that he left Dorking about this time, moving to Stoke near Guildford, co. Surrey, where a man of that name appears on a muster list.

Surrey, which I elieve ma be a daughter of the Mayflower passenger. Elizabeth apparently died young. It is unclear who William Mullins had married. When he came on the Mayflower, his wife was Alice; but she oculd have been a second wife. Several theories have been published on the identity of his wife or wives, but nothing is at all conclusive. What annoys me about this work is that Caleb Johnson cites some things and not others. He does not cite the specific baptisms he noted above, nor, later in what I did not copyspecific references to court records or probate.

The and footnotes above refer to. An associated g2g post brought me back here; I see we never got to that TAG article. I'm still busy, but this is driving me nuts, so I'm going in He suggests relatedness between the families of Peter Brown another Mayflower passenger and William Mullins, not only because they were from the same town, Dorking, but because each of them named a daughter "Priscilla," a very unusual name.

However, there is only one Mullins family in Dorking that was having children during this time period: the John Mullins who married Joan Bridger there on 8 July Most of their cildren would have fallen into the "black hole" in the registers.

On 23 Septemberwe see the baptism of their last child, Edward Mullins. We can reasonably assume this burial record was for John Mullins the father, because the next Mullins burial record in the registers, on 8 Julywas recorded as the "son of widow Mullins. William Mullins's marriage and the baptisms of his children are not found in Dorking parish registers.

The Dorking muster list of is a fairly complete enumeration of adult men living in Dorking, yet the list contains no entry for Mullins. Conveniently enough, a William Mullins shows up on a muster list at Stoke-near-Guildford, Surrey, in Following [a 11 Dec ] baptism of [dau] Elizabeth, no further records for this William Mullins are seen in Guildford or Stoke.

A William Mullins was chosen tithingman of eastborough, a different neighborhood in Dorking on 5 Oct This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this website you agree to our cookie policy. Only 51 out of the passengers of the Mayflower had children. Amazingly, just 12 or 16 generations later, an estimated 35 million people can trace their ancestry to one of these 51 "first comers.

You may be surprised how many celebrities and notable Americans trace their heritage back to a Pilgrim. You surely know the stories of these American icons, but do you know the stories of their Mayflower ancestors? John Alden was a crew member on the Mayflower who decided to stay in America instead of returning to England with the ship.

John served as the ship's cooper, responsible for maintaining the barrels on the Mayflower. He also signed the Mayflower Compact. Once landed in Plymouth, John married fellow passenger Priscilla Mullins, whose entire family had died within a few months of arriving in America. John and Priscilla had 11 children survive to adulthood and are thought to have the most descendants of any Pilgrims.

John outlived all others who signed the compact, passing in William Bradford was a leader of the Sepratists, who famously fled England and wound up in America due to religious persecution. The term "pilgrim" actually comes from a journal entry of his, in which he describes his groups flight from Europe, which he wrote years after the Mayflower voyage. Upon landing at Plymouth, Bradford served as a member of key scouting parties that explored the new terrority and eventually found a suitable location to set up a colony.

While out exploring, his wife Dorothy died when she either fell or jumped overboard the Mayflower. Bradford kept a detailed history of Plymouth Plantation, which survives today as the oldest detailed record of the activities of the colony.

He served as Governor of Plymouth fromand was the leader who oversaw and organized the first ever Thanksgiving. John Howland came over on the Mayflower as an indentured servant, serving the first Governor, John Carver.

Howland served as Carver's executive assistant as he governed the colony through its first winter. Carver fell sick and died in the spring ofand his wife and only child died shortly thereafter. Howland finally achieved status as a free man after Carver's death, and it is possible although unconfirmed that Howland inherited the entire Carver estate.

mayflower passengers with royal ancestry

Another Mayflower passenger, Elizabeth Tilley was orphaned when the rest of her family died during the first winter, and she lived in Howland's household as his ward.

He married her around and they went on to have 10 children. Howland lived until the ripe age of Richard Warren traveled over on the Mayflower, leaving his wife and five daughters behind. His intention was to wait until he thought the colony was suitable for them which proved to be a wise, but uncommon choice and eventually brought them over to join him in Warren was involved in the early exploration of Plymouth, which was treacherous for numerous reasons.

During the first winter, many lay aboard the Mayflower sick, but those that went out in exploration parties suffered greatly from the unanticipated harsh New England winter. Warren was with the party at the time of the so-called "First Encounter" with the Native Americans.

The encounter was not amicable, as the Pilgrims and Native Americans exchanged musket and arrow fire. Although the Pilgrims recognized the fact that arrows could be fired much more rapidly than muskets, they emerged unharmed and were able to disperse their enemies with the superior firepower of their weapons.

Other notable descendants of Richard Warren: Ulysses S. After landing in Plymouth, Brewster became the most senior elder of the colony and served as its religious leader, as well as an adviser to William Bradford, as he was the only university educated member of the group until Pastor Ralph Smith arrived in Brewster was granted land which included the islands of Boston Harbor, four of which still bear his name. Skip to content This site uses cookies. Learn more. From Gangs of New York to U. Findmypast Friday January 25th.

Finding Ancestors at Work or in Training.The group of passengers who crowded aboard Mayflower for the crossing was not homogenous. Many of the passengers were members of the Leiden congregation, but they were joined by a number of English families or individuals who were hoping to better their life situations, or were seeking financial gain. These two general groups have sometimes been referred to as the "saints" and "strangers".

Although the Leiden congregation had sent its strongest members with various skills for establishing the new colony, nearly half of the passengers died the first winter of the "great sickness".

Anyone who arrived in Plymouth on the Mayflower and survived the initial hardships is now considered a Pilgrim with no distinction being made on the basis of their original purposes for making the voyage.

Any person able to document their descent from one or more of the following Mayflower Pilgrims is eligible to apply for membership in the Mayflower Society:. The Mayflower Pilgrims and their fellow travelers were authors of the first true governing document created in a New World colony. Having undertaken for the Glory of God, and Advancement of the Christian Faith, and the Honour of our King and Country, a Voyage to plant the first Colony in the northern Parts of Virginia; Do by these Presents, solemnly and mutually, in the Presence of God and one another, covenant and combine ourselves together into a civil Body Politick, for our better Ordering and Preservation, and Furtherance of the Ends aforesaid: And by Virtue hereof do enact, constitute, and frame, such just and equal Laws, Ordinances, Acts, Constitutions, and Officers, from time to time, as shall be thought most meet and convenient for the general Good of the Colony; unto which we promise all due Submission and Obedience.

The Pilgrims. Sometimes the stories of a Mayflower heritage are true and it is easy to document a descent. More often, the documentation is missing and must be researched and supplied to prove one's line.

The good news is that advanced research techniques, improved genealogy library collections and computerized resources have made it easier to track down your Pilgrim roots.

Do You Have Mayflower Ancestry? Here is How to Prove It - AF-226

Peter Browne James Chilton Mrs. Edward Fuller. John Carver Mr. Samuel Fuller Mr. Christopher Martin Mr. William Mullins Mr. William White Mr. Richard Warren John Howland Mr.

Steven Hopkins Digery Priest.A monthslong effort to digitize and index the authenticated genealogies of Mayflower passengers has been completed and is available online, the New England Historic Genealogical Society announced Wednesday. The database includes authenticated information on more than 7, families, or more than 59, people, descended from the small band of Mayflower passengers who survived the first brutal winter in their new home in Plymouth, Massachusetts, including John Alden, William Bradford and Myles Standish.

The records, which also include deeds, go up to There are an estimated 10 million living Americans and as many as 35 million people worldwide who descended from the Pilgrims, according to the General Society of Mayflower Descendants.

Brenton Simons, president and CEO of the genealogical society. The genealogical society, established in and a leading national resource for genealogists and family historians, is offering a three-month membership at its website, americanancestors.

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Genealogies of Mayflower passengers helps find descendants

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Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.This decision can be reversed. Below is a list of all the passengers on board the Mayflower that ultimately sailed to New England in as given by William Bradford. The table is arranged in alphabetical order for quick access with a brief account of each passenger.

To find more detailed information regarding each passenger, click on the passenger's name. To understand more about the date this list was created, see our research article. The list contains all the latest data on each of the Mayflower passengers.

Each entry usually includes the parentage if knownbirth, death, and marriage s. It is noted whether the men had signed the Compact and whether the passenger left any known descendants beyond their children. This is meant to be a quick reference guide and authority of the facts presented. It is the culmination of all the scholarship since the re-discovery of the Bradford manuscript history published first in It is this manuscript that is the basis for who is ultimately a passenger or not.

There is no other source to corroborate it. Bradford calls several single young men hired seamen, cooper, etc. He treats them as "passengers" possibly because the Company hired them. There are other men who are the officers and crew of the ship. Few of these men are known and are not considered passengers even though they, too, had to stay in Plymouth Colony the first winter where half of them met their death as did the passengers. For this reason, the General Society of Mayflower Descendants does not recognize for membership anyone who descends from any officer or crew.

Only the ship's Master, Christopher Jones, is known to have any descendants — though some have claimed him as an ancestor, no one has published or documented such a claim though we welcome any such documentation. The goal will be to gather all documents created by each passenger and those that reference them along with all known articles or books published on them. If you should have any additional material not reflected here, please email the office so we may update our information.

Abbreviations Used. Signed Compact. Left Descendants. Passenger Name.

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