Bmw k100 kit

As the s came to an end, BMW faced three problems from developing its flat-twin boxer engine further:. In combination, this meant that BMW's marketing to users of a superior bike, allowing them to price at a premium, was being quickly lost, resulting in a loss of sales and market share. At the time, BMW, Moto Guzzi and Harley-Davidson were the only major "high end" manufacturers that did not offer liquid-cooled engines. Competing brands, notably of Japanese manufacture, were touting the superiority of their liquid-cooled engines and had introduced low maintenance shaft-drive technology in a growing number of their models.

BMW needed to develop a clean burning four-cylinder engine quickly. While a flat-four engine would have been suited to their boxer tradition and experience, it would also give the appearance that they were copying Honda 's GL Gold Wing. Fritzwenger's concept was developed by a team led by Stefan Pachernegg [3] based on criteria set out by R.

Michel and K. Martin Probst, who had earlier worked with the development of BMW's Formula Two engine, was responsible for engine testing and development. As an automobile manufacturer, BMW had about twenty years of experience with liquid cooled overhead camshaft inline engines.

This was carried over to the K engine, which used a Bosch LE-Jetronic fuel injection similar to that being introduced on their second generation 3 Series cars. The engine was positioned with the crankshaft on the right-hand side of the motorcycle and the cylinder head, camshafts, injectors and spark plugs on the left-hand side.

This improved access to the engine over that of a conventional design, where the crankshaft would be at the bottom and the cylinder head and associated parts would be between the engine block and the upper frame. At the time of its introduction, the K75 was BMW's least expensive motorcycle. The three-cylinder BMW K75 was developed alongside the K, but was introduced a year after the K as a marketing strategy.

The front engine mounts on the K75 frame are placed further back than in the K frame and the downtubes are at a different angle; otherwise the frames are identical. The K75 had the same wheelbase, seat height, and steering geometry as the K A single-sided hollow swingarm enclosing the drive shaft provides right side drive through the gearbox and to the rear wheel.

The 3-into-1 all stainless steel exhaust exits on the left hand side. Brakes are two-piston Brembo callipers onto undrilled discs. Two different fork manufactures are used: Showa with an outer upper tube diameter of 1.

All K models have dual front and single rear disk brakes. The RS model has taller gearing than other models. The S and RT versions have a rear disc brake and 17" rear wheels, whereas the others have a single leading shoe drum brake and 18" rear wheels. A stiffer "anti-dive" front suspension was added to the S and RT models. The later RT versions had an adjustable windshield that could be raised and lowered. Some taller riders complained of wind buffeting with the smaller S model stock windscreens.

The same team would later develop an improved four-valve-per-cylinder head for the aerodynamic K1. In later models, the standard swingarm was replaced with a Paralever as on the K1. Anti-lock brakes ABS were developed for K and K75 motorcycles and were installed on later models, which were among the first production motorcycles with this feature.

Although sales were initially modest, buyers eventually warmed to the multi-cylinder BMWs.

BMW K100 Cafe Racer by Retrorides

The K was a relative sales success, stemming the losses to the Japanese and changing the media and public perception of BMW.

The four-cylinder engine suffered from secondary vibration, but the three-cylinder K75, with its balance shaftwas far smoother. The competition were never far behind in performance on launch, updates were modest, while engine performance was stepped up with the September launch of the radically aerodynamic BMW K1. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification.

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BMW Motorrad.Make BMW. Model K-Series. Retired private-party enthusiast offers individually my personal collection of BMW K-Series motorcycles! If you're an individual looking for an inexpensive alternative to the high-cost of new BMW cycles, please read on.

And while I've loved the many airhead BMW's owned, I've come to be a strong proponent of the tremendous value, and, what I believe to be the technological superiority and reliability of the in-line 4-cylinder 80's - 90's BMW K-Series bikes. I'm sure I have something which will please that fits your budget. These particular BMW models are absolutely bullet-proof.

And that's an understatement. They are the only BMW models to have ever surpassedkilometers without repair on the brutal, grueling, BMW factory-test-track in Berlin!

Let that fact sink into your mind for a minute? There are dozens of stories from around the world of owners easily goingmiles and beyond on these models.

One European gentleman highlighted in a German motorcycle magazine article haskilometers on his BMW K And yes, NO major repairs! Any wonder why I'm such a proponent of K's and K's? Probably my most favorite bike due to the riding position. Did I mention "bullet-proof" relative to these particular models? Outrageously beautiful! Please notice the exceptional original condition of this listed "naked" K!

Write me an email sharing what it is you want in a BMW motorcycle? What is your personal budget? It will be my pleasure to steer you in the right direction. I don't have the time or desire to talk on the phone about these BMW's.

If I sense you are sincere about acquiring something from this collection, after we've communicated, I will, of course, start a phone dialog with you? Individual model pics are available upon request. These bikes are definitely worth your time. If they weren't good bikes I wouldn't own them. Simple as that. Contact me! I'll entertain reasonable cash offers.

I may even pay for your shipping? We'll see? Don't buy a new BMW, please. Show restraint. Plus, you won't notice the difference between riding a new BMW, or riding one of the offered bikes.

Rare bike with unheard of low miles. In looking around at other bikes for milage I have yet to see one with less then 16, I have seen them with as many as K. History:I am the second owner of the bike. It had been stored in a dry garage years by my neighbor. It was promised to me when I was old enough and upon my neighbors passing.While Gustavo and Rodrigo have a long-time history in building hot rods, they sure know how to make something special out of a two-wheeled machine.

I kept close contact with the guys and they told me that they were working on a BMW K cafe racer. In March I got this cool teaser of the work in progress, and our Facebook and Instagram accounts literally melted down the interwebs. Today, three months later I got a message from Gustavo with the great news that the K was finished.

So a lot of creativity and craftsmanship is absolutely necessary if you want to build a custom motorcycle. All black. With the suspension upgrade, the braking system also got a necessary update with custom made brake rotors.

1/12 Tamiya BMW K100 Unboxing

Together with the complete new subframe with super slick black leather seat and cowl and the rear end is super clean and damn sexy IMO…. The rear light and indicators are integrated into the design. To make it actually rideable with this complete different stance, the rear sets were relocated for a more comfortable riding position.

The headlight comes from a Harley V-Rod. How does it ride Gustavo? The Honda CB-series still is by far! And no matter how many times I've seen one, if it's done properly, they never get bored.

I may be a bit biased I have a '72 CBbut I think that the classic…. With the BMW airheads being one of the most popular base bikes for custom projects, prices of untouched models are rising and rising. Of course, they are easy to work on, there are plenty of parts available and a lot of parts are compatible within a wide range of R-series. Usually, I don't like to just repost bikes from other websites. But with projects from a friend, it's different. And the complete bike you see here is totally different.

Regular readers already know the story and work of Arjan van den Boom, owner of Ironwood Custom Motorcycles and I've featured…. HiI like very much this bike!!! Is, by chance, this beauty for sale, and what is the price? If not this, do you sale your custome works, or rather could someone pay you to replicate this bike? Is that rear shock setup something you would manufacture and sell? I guess there would be a lot of demand for that.

I love your rear suspension set up on the K I have k and would like to buy one of your rear suspension kits if that ok with you. Is it possible to buy a sort of kit or to have in somehow all the information to reproduce it? Unfortunately I live in Italy and I cannot have the pleasure to know you by person and entrust to you my bike for the customization. Awaiting for your kind reply. My Kindest Regards, Stefano.

Can you tell me which fork they have installed or whether I can buy the swingarm or if there is a comparable alternative? Fucking hell sorry for my language Can I buy the a kit off your rear suspension, it is perfect made and looks awesome. What brand.When the K was first introduced it was quite a sensation in that it wasn't a Kawasaki Z-1 nor a Honda Goldwing It was as if someone had taken a BMW tii, laid the engine on its side and chopped off two wheels.

We got one of the first ones in the country and immediately set about dissecting it and figuring out how to turbocharge it. Of course we had to ride the thing first and it was as solid as a bank vault and about as exciting as watching grass grow. It needed extra power in a big, big, way. With a blank sheet of paper facing us we decided to set a new standard and do things right.

The first thing we decided to do was incorporate a hp air to air intercooler. Our distributor didn't see the need for the expense. Check out our Intercooler Calculator to see what happens when you compress air. The second thing we decided to do was put a small highly advanced hp IHI Turbo essentially under the bike where the heat would not intefere with the rider's comfort, nor would it boil the gas in the gas tank.

The third thing on our list was design a positive oil scavenge system to make sure the turbo would "drain" under all conditions. No one had ever done an intercooled, fuel injected, motorcycle before and there never had been a turbo that was sophisticated enough to be used on a daily basis. Up until this time turbos were crude draw though carbureted units that cooked your leg, fouled spark plugs, took forever to warm up, ate pistons, blew head gaskets, and only went fast in a staight line in a semi-controllable fashion.

BMW built a tough bike. The first K's we built had a one-piece intercooler placed in front of the radiator. After about 20 kits were made we found out from a customer in Texas that in the Summer heat the bike would run hot so we split the intercooler core allowing air a direct path to the radiator The initial kits were designed to run 5 psi of boost with the stock injectors which were rated at about No one had ever "blown though" the L-Jetronic flapper valve mass sensor before but it worked just fine.

At 5 psi the bike required no modifications at all and was fast enough to embarass a lot of bikes. The stock injectors would cover the 90 real rear wheel horsepower just fine, thank you. Not many bikes had 90 rear wheel horsepower.

Check out our fuel injector calculators. Imperfect knowledge gives less than satisfactory results. We designed the kits for 5 psi and total reliability. The injectors would not support more than 90 hp and the fuel pressure regulator was not referenced to manifold pressure so it did not "track" boost pressure. Our distributor persisted with these regulators, finding someone to make poor copies of the Cartech unit. These units have about eight square inches of diaphram area which means they exponentially increase the fuel pressure as the boost pressure rises.

As the pressure increases there is no hope it will exactly track your motor's needs. On it's plotted curve it will only be "correct" at one intersect. Above and below this point it cannot be "correct". Our distributor resorted to aquarium valves to "bleed off" boost pressure going to the diaphram in an attempt to adjust things that were already out of control. Use of this set up for higher boost levels resulted in damaged motors during some speed attempts.

The above picture is from Bonneville Speed Week where the bike went The turbo was capable of hp and the injectors were only good for 90 hp and no amount of trickery was going to overcome these facts. Enough was enough, so we instituted our "5th Injector" program calibrating it for the IHI's airflow at 8 psi which was rear wheel horsepower.It's been a long process, but this time we have gone even further.

We've supplied both the new frame and the welding mask. Complete with detailed instructions, this kit will allow you to change the complete rear part of the bike making it really short and There are no products selected for comparison.

Browse to discover the best motorcycle Mirrors collection In addition to complete custom motorcycle exhaust systems, you will also find a selection of header pipes, exhaust heat shields, DIY Wide selection of motorcycle grips for your chopper, bobber, cafe racer or custom motorcycle.

Here you can find mini motorcycle turn signals, motorcycle LED turn signals, motorcycle turn signals with incandescent lamps, relays and resistors. Find out our selection of motorcycle headlights and headlight kits.

Standard and customised motorcycle instruments for OE manufacturers end users. Get the comfort and style that you deserve with a new Motorcycle Seat. Rear sets are another great way to make your cafe racer more serious. Sets like these will allow for a much more comfortable riding position if you plan to lay low It's important to keep your motorcycle battery in tip-top condition; but especially important during the colder months as poor weather can take it's toll on your The Suzuki SV and variants are street motorcycles manufactured since for the international market by the Suzuki Motor Corporation, featuring a Catalog Manufacturer.

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items. Add to cart. Add to Wishlist. Add to compare. Product Comparison. Shopping cart. No products To be determined Shipping. Check out.I, like many bikers, had the idea of one day doing a project bike. I had talked about wanting to do a proper build for some time. My very supportive, beautiful wife asked me what I was waiting for? I found the donor bike in Adelaide as an unregistered trade-in advertised on gumtree.

My Dad and I did a quick km round trip, and the real journey began! It is a bit daunting! I decided to start easy and do the front guard. I was hoping the exhaust collector I found would be easy to rotate 90 degrees to get the angle I wanted. Not possible! It will only fit in the header pipes one way. He also has fixed the Clip-On bars, making the bars 22mm and the mounts I want to follow the line from the fuel tank base through to the rear tail unit.

One week later …………………………………………………. The tank and seat unit are off again for painting. On the condition I do the preparation work.

I bought some bar end indicators off eBay to use in the frame holes. Internal wiring was an interesting job! I need the tank and seat unit back to run the engine to check tacho.

bmw k100 kit

I ended up getting a sensor unit from Dakota Digital and mounting it on the front wheel. It counts the wheel studs. Reassembled to get the seat done. Got the seat back, great job! Put the bike together and added the headlight to preview the finished bike.

After 6 days work, back into the wiring. This is a boring picture, but it is satisfying to get it right. I took the tank and seat back to Pete for a final touch up today.

The bike now has a name! They need to be installed next to the flasher unit under the tank so the LED indicators work properly. After initial rough running and stalling I think it was air in the lines due fuel filter changeit settled down and ran smoothly. The exhaust is surprisingly not much louder than stock! Programmed the gear indicator and calibrated the speedo. The weight loss was apparent from the first crank of throttle! I still have few things to do.

The rear mud guard looks like it can be chopped into a small fly screen to cover the instrument wiring.Brumfield, October minor editing by Tom Childers, July First sold in Germany in First US models available in ABS first available in ? This is a fairly good manual. Some repair procedures have been omitted, such as the replacement of the oil sight-glass, but most major procedures are explained in a clear manner.

bmw k100 kit

The index does leave a lot to be desired. This may be what BMW considers to be a normal condition. Consult with a BMW mechanic. This could be either one or a combination of oil or coolant. In some cases the nut rolls around until it punches a hole through the pump cover, in others it just rolls around.

BMW K100 Model Kit -high detail TAMIYA kit- NEW-NO RESERVE!

Symptom: A high pitched squeal coming from the bike, sounds like a faulty fan belt on an auto. Sometimes there is a hole in the pump cover, and in this case it will leak fluid when the engine is shut down it actually runs in this condition — not a recommended practice. The factory K exhaust system is a tuned stainless steel set up, in a configuration that takes all four exhaust pipes into the muffler, as opposed to a four-into-one configuration like a header for an auto.

The stainless steel requires periodic cleaning to remove dirt build-up that can result in corrosion and rust. This is a very common irritation to K owners.

This design is plagued with problems that cause rattles, including:. BMW has a retro-fit kit that replaces the standard heat-shield attachment hardware. There can be a couple of problems here. BMW says that the clutch cable should basically last the life of the bike, but some owners find that they have been through two or three cables.

This can be caused by:. A burr in the lever assembly that needs to be removed, but the most common problem is a maintenance issue. These bikes use an inline expansion assembly approx. This could throw-off the fuel cut-off throttle closed switch, causing fuel consumption problems and backfiring. Sparkplug, oil, and air filter changes top the list of routine maintenance items.

Bad idea — even if it looks like the only alternative, consult with a BMW mechanic! The filter on the K, while accessible requires a special tool to remove it or finger spun by Arnold Schwartzennegger. The bolts and plate are directly under the engine. The tool is an aluminum, ratchet-mounted cup that fits over the end of the filter.

The ribs can be filed off. The oil level on the K is not measured by means of a conventional dip stick. The upper and lower portions of the circle represent the upper and lower oil level limits respectively. BMW recommends that the engine be at operating temperature, and the engine stopped for a few minutes, with the bike on the center stand on a level surface before the oil level is read.

A lot of riders prefer V in front and H in the back.

bmw k100 kit

The K seems to be fairly forgiving with various grades of gasoline. BMW does recommend the use of methanol gasoline with the K engine. Above that level, drivability, and starting and stalling problems especially under high temperatures or altitudes will occur. Extremely lean mixtures cause excessive prolonged combustion temperatures which will lead to engine damage like burned valves, plugs, etc.

Only specially designed engines installed in FFV — Flexible Fuel Vehicles are able to run on high content ethanol fuels.

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